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Nepal Agro-Ecology Adventure

Our Program

This 15-day Agro-Ecology Adventure is a journey back to the basics of life: to understand how we can obtain our basic needs in a way that is harmonious with Nature. 

Learn the fundamentals of Permaculture and Holistic Agroforestry while exploring various village sites which are leading examples of sustainable agro-ecology in Nepal. Hands on lessons will include sustainable forest management, plant propagation, value-added product processing, food forestry, pest management, earthworks, water-systems, soil-building, bio-char production, carbon farming and more. This is a carbon-neutral adventure during which you will offset the carbon footprint of your entire trip.

April 14-28, 2020

Meet the Instructors



Lucas Trotman is a agricultural enthusiast and professional natural builder. Lucas has been working in organic agriculture and permaculture since 2008 and in Nepal since 2015 helping to rebuild homes for earthquake-affected families via earthbag and other natural building techniques. In 2017 Lucas organized and implemented the planting of hundreds of trees at the Indreni organic farm in Nepal and subsequently founded the Woven Earth Community Agroforestry Carbon Sequestration program, which enables people purchase credits to offset their footprint and support rural communities in Nepal. Lucas lives seasonally in Nepal facilitating natural building and forest gardening workshops. He is a founding board member of Woven Earth and is a driving force in achieving our mission of fostering community resilience and ecological balance worldwide. 



Dr. Bishnu Hari Pandit, with a PhD in Watershed Management and Rural Development, has pioneered new methods of carbon farming and agroforestry and is a co-founder of Nepal Agrofrestry Foundation (NAF) which is mandated to promote agroforestry. In 2005, Bishnu along with NAF and other agriculture and forestry scientists founded the Kathmandu Forestry College (KAFCOL). In 2016 Bishnu founded Ithaka Institute for Climate Farming (IICF) Nepal, which develps and promotes climate positive solutions in the areas of land management, agroforestry design, nutrient management with use of biochar and resource efficiency. He is an essential part of Woven Earth’s Community Agroforestry Carbon Sequestration Program, along with other important initiatives which are spreading climate awareness and solutions in Nepal through agroforestry.



Bio coming soon. 

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